About The 3 Month Mechanic

The 3 Month Mechanic Creator Mike Connelly
My name is Michael Connelly, and I made this website to help you if you’re still just thinking about becoming an aircraft mechanic and you want a guide you can follow, or if you’re already working in the field but you want to earn more and have more success.

Like a lot of kids, I had always dreamed of one day becoming a pilot. My plan was to join the Air Force and go through the pilot training program.

Well, like a lot of people who have this dream, it didn’t quite work out the way I’d always hoped. For one thing, I wasn’t the best student throughout school, especially high school. I guess I’ve just never been much of a ‘book person’...

I also had some health issues that would have disqualified me from any type of pilot training, even if I did have the brains and determination that it takes to complete such a lofty goal.

But I wasn’t done yet...

You see, I’ve always been fascinated by airplanes which is why I wanted to be a pilot in the first place (and also the prestige, money, and all that jazz...).

So I figured, “Well, if I can’t be involved in aviation as a pilot, then I’ll become an aircraft mechanic.

Like most people, I always thought that if you wanted to work on aircraft, you either:

  • Had to go to college and get a degree

  • Join the military and get your training there

I actually thought for a long time that ALL aircraft ‘people’ (pilots, mechanics, etc.) got their training through the military. Only later, when I was a teenager, did I learn that this wasn’t true and you could also go to school.

Aircraft mechanic looking at a Boeing 757 engine.

This was great for several reasons, the main one being I wouldn’t have to go to a trade school or college. Not only would this save me a bunch of money, I also wouldn’t have to actually be in school.

Again, I have never been the best student and at that time I was just about to graduate high school. The last thing I wanted to do was get out and then go right back into a classroom.

It took me many months of research to find out what I needed to do to start my training, become an aircraft mechanic, and get started in my career.

When I first started working as a full-time aircraft maintenance technician, I was making around $700 a week. It wasn’t an outrageous amount of money, but it was much, much better than what I had made each week working at McDonald’s while I was in high school.

Even so, I knew there were ways to make really good money in this field. I knew this because other, more experienced mechanics I was working around at the time would actually show me their paychecks.

Some of these guys and gals were making $2,000 - $3,000 + a week, and I knew that was the kind of money I wanted to make.

Fast forward a couple of years, and that’s exactly what I had been able to do.

Eventually, because of the good money I was making, I realized that I didn’t have to work a full 12 months out of the year.

At first I only worked 10 months and then only 6 months out of the year. Now I usually only work 3 months out of the year and take the rest of the year off.

The only reason I’m able to do this is because of the unique approach I take to my career as an aircraft mechanic.

As time went on, many people (both aircraft mechanics and non-aircraft mechanics) would ask me about my aviation career.

I realized that what I was doing was pretty uncommon, and that most people didn’t have the first clue about how to get started.

Hell, like I said most people don’t even know how to become an aircraft mechanic. Most are like I was, thinking you have to join the military or go to college for 4 years.

That’s when I had the idea for this website and my books, which I titled The 3 Month Mechanic.

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